Smoky Mezcal Cocktails

While I’m the self-proclaimed chef of our little two-person household, my husband is the “mixologist.” He loves experimenting with different homemade cocktail recipes, and they’re always so delicious! He makes a mean Old Fashioned and a Sazerac, but this past Saturday evening, he whipped up a Tobacco Road, a smokey mezcal cocktail with a powerful tobacco taste. I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much (I prefer lighter, fruitier cocktails), but I downed my entire drink like a champ!

Check out the recipe from Serious Eats and pictures from our bar-tending fun below. I’d say go easy on  the Cynar–don’t use the full amount the recipe suggests–and add in a little simple syrup to sweeten the drink. It’s definitely a STRONG drink, so take it slowly 🙂


The ingredients: sherry, Cynar, Vida mezcal, and Peychaud’s bitters. Not pictured: a drop of simple syrup to balance out the strong tobacco flavor.


The end product – so Mad Men, no?


Is it Saturday night yet?

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